Walther Funk


German journalist and economist; Chief, Press Bureau (1933);

Minister of Economics (1938);

President of the Reichsbank (1939-45)


Sentenced at Nurnberg Trial (1946) to life imprisonment as war criminal. Released in 1957. Died in 1960.Remarkable, and highly important Autograph Manuscript Signed, twice, in German, and in pencil.  5 full separate pages, legal folio.  [Nurnberg Jail] October 23, 1945.  In this fascinating autobiographical manuscript prepared by Funk for his defense attorneys to aid in his defense, Funk briefly sketches his family background, education, and at greater length his involvement with the Nazi Party and his role in the various official positions held during Hitler's dictatorship.  Signed at the head of the first page, and again signed and dated at conclusion.  Not translated.

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