“The Extreme Pacifist”


Pastor Martin Niemoller



German Protestant Theologian


Opposed the Nazi Movement


Sent to Concentration Camp During

World War II


“The Last Courageous Christian in Berlin”

(April 30,  1980)


"... I am now 100% anti-American,  just like the entire population,  who has lost its belief in any sort of protection by the USA (I never held that belief) but if we ever get in a state of war it will be civil wars at best in all of Europe,  or at least what is called Europe despite the deterioration. Just what are those much cited 'super powers' anyway?  Will we still be able to go on like this in the year 2000 after Christ ...


...or will God finally be fed up with the


whole thing and leave the world to its


own self determined fate?


Hitler committed suicide, and Truman continued his work with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and died an 'honorable' death,  like a Christian.  God didn't curse the earth (Genesis 8) but what about the humans? Humankind?  ... If I didn't know Jesus I would have become an atheist long ago ... it's high time that the world domination of the white 'Christian' race comes to an end, ... My strength is exhausted and this letter cost me four hours. There will be new strength tomorrow... "