James Doolittle



1. His Original Report of the


Tokio Raid

including a discussion of all the mistakes made.



2. Also included is a nicely done calligraphy souvenir copy, done in another hand, of a summary of the original  Doolittle report regarding the 1942 Tokyo Raid on a 9 x 12 off-white card. Quote reads in part,


 “Took off at 8:20 am ship time…Encountered nine fighters in three flights of three. This was about ten miles North of the outskirts of Tokyo proper…Pulled up to 1,200 ft., changed course to the southwest and incendiary-bombed highly inflammable section. Dropped first bomb at 1:30 (ship time)…Left airplane about 9:30 pm (ship time) after 13 hours in the air.”                                                                                                                                          J. H. Doolittle