The only member of the former royal family to join the Nazis.


August Wilhelm ("Auwi”)

1887-1949:  Son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, his only son to join the NAZI Party; “The NAZI Prince”;

Declared “Adolf Hitler is God's gift to Germany”; became a leader in the SA.

August Wilhelm to Adolf Hitler

April 7, 1930


 “Dear fighting comrade Adolf Hitler”, announcing that he has just joined the NAZI party and is qualifying for the SA.  “…I paid a visit to Goring…it is my heartfelt desire to inform you (of) my entry in the Party as a member…it was a very touching moment and with my thoughts and my loyalty, I was with you…going to be a new chapter in my life and at the same time a challenge to me.  How I feel towards our movement and toward you personally I explained to you at Munich…I think I have passed my SA Test and finally it does not matter how one risks his neck.  …Engel spoke for Gobbels at Iptserburg where a great number of the audience were D. N. (German Nationalist Party members) among them Hindenburg… The success of the evening was a collection of 1,500 marks and 38 new members and is best described by the fact that at the end of the evening when we were singing the (Horst) Wessel Song…  The members of the Stahlhelm (Steel Helmets:  a veterans' nationalist group seeking a return of the Kaiser) have ignored me completely, including Count Euleburg and my nephew Wilhelm; so it was a shock for them to hear that my brother (Prince) Eitel Fritz attended a meeting with Goring.


     'If you don't feel it, you'll never find it!'  …explain to them…the substance of our movement and the necessity to play with open cards…I talked at this opportunity for 45 minutes, explaining among other things, the Hindenburg case of 1917 and in details my motivation for becoming a National Socialist.  …we shall carry our fight on into the province.  …clumsiness of that particular human race.  …no one likes to go to that northeast territory…by pumping my heart-blood into the streets.


     I have asked to be transferred to Berlin, because the local situations are not encouraging.  The leaders fail quite often and those young, undisciplined unintentionally spoil and destroy what Kube, Gobbels, Strasser, and others have built up by their fine speeches at meetings.  …has not turned to National Socialism…This is due to the lack of discipline even though there are nice persons among them.  But their uncontrolled tempers bring discredit to our movement and those stags achieve just the opposite of our true intentions…My little nephew Schaumburg, has, in cooperation with Ley, achieved something remarkable and it should pay off…The two evenings at Waldbrol and Gummersbach were real triumphs for the movement.  …in certain areas of our Fatherland, the people have understanding that I am with them and that my joining the party allures open-minded groups.  They could be of value in supporting our movement and in carrying it on.  On the first evening, I spoke four times and at another event, three times and Ley was in his best form and is assured by the simple population of their absolute confidence.  The climax for me…was the ending with the SS at Cologne, where I was sitting among the workers who had real confidence in me.


     In case you are coming up here (Potadam) soon, I hope to see you at Goring's.


     With heartfelt greetings, for the first time as a Party member, and forever as your German fellow fighter and friend, I remain with a loud HEIL.”  Signed in full, in pencil.  Small hole affecting “gu” in signature, otherwise very good.  With postcard engraved portrait and translation.

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