Alfred Rosenberg


His Autobiography


born January 12, 1893 in Tallinn.


Grandfather on father's side Martin Rosenberg, Mastercraftsman and Alderman of his guild in Tallinn.  He and my grandmother died at a rather high age.  They had four sons and two daughters.  The oldest, Dr. med. Alexander Rosenberg died about 55 years old from some acute illness.  The second, my father, Waldemar Wilhelm Rosenberg caught a contagious form of tuberculosis together with my mother and died at the age of 44.  The third son died young from some disease of the larynx, the youngest son was still alive with 73 years in full possession of his physical strength; his present fate is unknown to  me.  My two aunts are to-day 87 and 83 years old and were in good strength and health. -My grandparents on my mother's side were probably more than 75 years old when they died shortly after each other.  Of their six children three grew to old age, one son died from Pneumonia; so did one daughter, and my mother died from Tuberculosis.

     I had only one brother, who was thoroughly healthy, fought against the Bolschewiks, was in Sovjet prisons, where he caught a Tuberculosis.  In Germany he did not recover well and died at the age of 44 in Schornberg.

     I have during my whole life never had any serious inner illness; was a bit anemic during my early youth and I suffer from dizzy spells.  For the last 10 years I had trouble with my joints; Hemorrhages and inflammations in the joint of the big toes.  Deposits in the disks of my backbone press on nerves and muscles … … longer standing becomes troublesome; straighten up after heading down is difficult.  I have undergone cures in mud-baths. -In recent years the eyes became sensitive and liable to inflammations.

     When you I was active in sports:  Tennis, Skating, Fencing.

     From 1910 on I studied Architecture at the Technical University in … … courses in History and Philosophy.  Also continuous further education in painting.

     When the fighting came closer to Riga in 1915 the Riga Technical University was moved to Moscow.  There further studies; in February 1918 final state examination with a diploma of first degree as an Architectural Engineer.  The return into my hometown of Tallinn.  Travel to Germany in 1918.  In Munich I got acquainted with Hitler and started to work in the national socialistic movement.  I wrote books and articles about the goals of the party, about Marxism and the Jewish question.  I became Chief editor of the “… Beobachter”.  1930 IU became member of the German Parliament the “Reichstag”.  After 1933 I was charged by the “Fuhrer” with the supervision of the intellectual education of the “Party”.  In July I was made Minister for the occupied areas in the ….

     I was married twice.  My first wife … from the …; she too contracted in what was then Petrograd (now Leningrad) a Pneumonia, which she tried to cure in Switzerland.  1923 we were divorced.

     I married again in 1925.  My wife was Hedwig Kramer from Lower Saxony.  Apart from a nervous heart illness and a completely cured female trouble she had been healthy up to now.  A son died immediately after birth.  My daughter Irene was born in 1930.  I left my wife and my daughter in Flensburg in May 1945.  I have not heard anything about their fate, nor about the fate of my two aunts of 83 and 87 years, who had gone to Bavaria.  My daughter is now 15 years old and has never been seriously ill.  She is tall rather thin but has remained able to resist sicknesses.

     Looking over the family as a whole, I find that all 4 grandparents were absolutely healthy and died of old age.  Among the 12 children of the two families there were several cases of T.B., but then also very healthy ones as my parents.  My aunts and uncles on both sides have had about 26 children, and most of them are healthy too.

     My backtrouble has been thoroughly examined by Prof. Gebhardt (here in this prison), who treated it too.  He also dealt with the inflammations and hemorrhages in the joints (about 10 of them, perhaps even more.)  They probably started on arthritic base, when the joint were more used when walking.  My backtrouble had become very noticeable in Mondorf.



October 12, 1945

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