Benito Mussolini


  Typewritten draft Telegram Signed “Mussolini,” on partly-


printed official telegram form captioned


Il Capo del Governo, Rome, June 27, IX (1931)


To Achille Starace,  Secretary-General of the Fascist Party at Milan.


Hand dated by Mussolini who has added one full line in his holograph and one word at the conclusion.


Mussolini’s Call to Action


to Support the Fascist Movement


Mussolini asks Secretary-General of the Fascist Party to tell the gathering at the Provincial Congress Black Shirts at Milan that he follows their every move closely, and that they must keep in mind their duties as well as their privileges, “just as in the years of the first battles.”  Mussolini states that the struggle is not over, that there will be new objectives and goals. “…The Fascist revolution will be defended against anybody, and every defense measure will be taken against the snares and stupidity of the remaining or new enemies…Every Fascist in the militia or the party must be ready for action…Prepare for the tasks of tomorrow towards which our will irreversibly strives.”