Benito Mussolini




Autograph letter signed


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to Nino Edoardo Filippini (“Carissimo”), 


Secretary of the Opera Nazionale Invalidi at Pisa


on the headed paper of “Il Popolo d'Italia”, Milan,


n.d. [1919] and 26 April 1919


The Creation of the Fascist




From the Earliest Months of Fascism.


Mussolini asks why he does not organize a “Facsio di Combattimento” at Pisa.  “Metteti al lavoro e sempre Avanti”, and sending instructions on how to set about the task,


 “nostri amici fidati” issue invitations to a meeting at which anyone may take part who accepts the Popolo d'Italia's policy of immediate action (“realizzazione immediate”), the meeting nominates three commissions “di propaganda e stampa…di finanza e…di preparazione”, these will be linked to a Central Committee in Milan with the minimum of formalities - “Niente statuti.  Niente regolamenti” - just one letter from Milan “che costa da una lira…Va bene?”. 


The first Facsio de combattimento was organized at Milan on March 23 , 1919