The First Map Devoted







Cornelis Wytliet





In The Wytfliet's




conceived as an addendum to Ptolemy

is the first atlas entirely devoted to the America.

This is the First Edition in French and was published in 1605


One map contained in the atlas focuses on the mid-Atlantic coast and New England.  This map does not appear to be an exact derivative of any one prototype.  Much of Wytliet's inspiration comes from John White's map of Virginia, but he relies on Mercator for the region of Norumbega (between New England and Virginia).


The map of California does include both  'Baja'  and  'Alta'  California as well as part of Mexico,  Arizona and New Mexico.  The location of Santa Barbara would be close to the left hand edge.  The three islands off the coast at that point could be the Channel Islands.