Abraham Ortelius



The First



"Modern" Atlas



The atlas of Ortelius qualifies as the most important and influential work on cartography since the time of Ptolemy.  It is universally recognized as the first "modern"  and regularly produced atlas.  The atlas exhibits many new characteristics,  the most important being;


The Ortelius Atlas was the first collection of maps devoted exclusively or primarily to a contemporary portrayal of the world,  in which the entire known world was treated in a systematic fashion,  and with all the maps in a uniform style and format.


The Atlas is state 2 with the "Azores" correctly identified as opposed to "Canaries". There are few known 1570 Ortelius Atlases being extremely rare, none being available for many years.


Ortelius based his maps on the best that were available in his time,  and included an excellent text for each that was printed on the verso.  Ortelius was the first to do so in each case.  As a result,  his work was highly acclaimed,  and greatly influenced the design of future atlases.