1507 Atlas



The First 



New World







Jacobus Angulus

(Rome 1507)


This third Rome edition of Ptolemy has the 27 maps of the 1478 and 1490 atlases supplemented by six important new maps.  The original 27 maps are printed with only slight alterations from the original plates.  The six new maps are all "modern" ....... the 1507 edition being the first published in Rome to contain them.  These new modern maps are of Scandinavia,  Poland,  Spain,  France,  Italy,  and the Holy Land.  In many cases they are the earliest copper-engraved maps of these areas.  For the first time,  the maps have borders graduated for latitude and longitude and numbered in degrees. 


This is the last edition of the Rome Ptolemy for which no maps that show America  are listed in its contents.


However,  the Ruysch world map was inserted into the last few copies printed (Not present in this copy) ....making it  the first map of the New World to appear in an atlas.