The Founder


Modern Sweden

Gustavus Vasa

Prior to 1523,  Sweden was part of the Kingdom of Denmark.  This kingdom was politically known as the Kalmar Union,   and included Norway,  Denmark, Sweden,  and  Finland.


In 1523,  Sweden won their independence and the era of “modern Sweden” began.  The leader of the revolt,  known as the “founder of modern Sweden”,  Gustavus Vasa,  came to the throne and establishing a lineage of Vasa kings that lasted two hundred years.


In the early 1500’s  the Reformation reached Sweden  and Lutheranism became the state religion.  Sweden’s trading partner,  England,  had also broken from the Catholic Church until 1556,  when Queen Mary I  came to power in England.   It was then necessary to re-new alliances and trade agreements.  In the present document,  King  Gustavus Vasa writes to Queen Mary I  sending two ambassadors who will argue for a cessation of English trade with Russia and,  instead,  for a resumption of trade with Sweden.  England agreed.


Gustavus Vasa was the first Swedish monarch to sign documents and only nine letters signed by him exist.