Emile Zola

His celebrated

"Lettre a La France"

(6 January 1898)

Marked with his address on the verso of last page: 

"M. Zola 21 bis rue de Bruxelles"

The manuscript is 30 pages long. Only page 1 is shown below.



".......in these terrible days of moral crisis,  to which the public conscience seems indifferent,  it is to you,  France,  that I appeal:  to the nation,  to my homeland.......Do you really want to jeopardize everything which you have so dearly bought:  religious toleration,  equal justice for all men,  the fraternal solidarity of all citizens?"


  This moving address to the nation was Zola's last attempt to appeal to the reason of his countrymen,  by setting out clearly the facts of the moral and political dilemma confronting the French people.  It appeared three weeks after a similar pamphlet "Lettre a la jeunesse".  A few days later,  the acquittal of the traitor Esterhazy provoked his most vehement attack; "Lettre a la President"   which began with the famous headlines;  "J'Accuse" ! 

   A copy of the pamphlet (newspaper) with these famous headlines is included with this manuscript.