Ernest Hemingway




“The Old Man and



the Sea”


Am Writer.  Typed DS, in Spanish, 1p. 1953, legal folio, Havana, authorizing the translation of “The Old Man and the Sea” into Spanish.  Reads in part, “The first party:  Ernest Hemingway, writer…citizen of United States…resident of 'La Vigia'…The second party:  the magazine Bohemia, represented by its director Mr Miguel Angel Quevedo, have agreed on the following:  1. Mr Hemingway is the author of the novel written in English “The Old Man and the Sea”…authorizes Mr Quevedo, without a fee, to publish once in the magazine of Bohemia, of Havana…the Spanish translation of said novel…The magazine…in exchange for this free right to publish, promises to give…$1000 to the Leper Colony…so that the said hospital can buy televisions and radios for the use of the patients…”  Also signed by Miguel Angel Quevedo.  Comes with a second DS, between Lino Novas Calvo and the Globe Press, publisher of Bohemia, regarding this same transaction.  Novas Calvo was a Cuban writer and a longtime friend of Hemingway.