Ernest Hemingway

to Milton S. Leidner of the Speiser and Speiser law firm in Philadelphia

(Key West   12 February 1930)


Hemingway writes to a lawyer who wants to obtain all of his books:



"...My first book was Three Stories and Ten Poems  published in Paris in, I believe, 1922 [actually 1923] —by Contact Editions ... the 1st;  In Our Time  was published by Three Mountains Press ... these have both been out of print for some years—the other books are the Liveright In Our Time — Torrents of Spring — The Sun Also Rises — Men Without Women — and  A Farewell T.A.  [to Arms]


— Herewith the pamphlet [Today is Friday ] you speak of— (which by the way has a funny history) — They wrote me and asked me for a story and I sent it telling them it was the only MSS. I had and would they please return it to me — They only paid me $10.00 for the story on a tale they were doing it as non-profit venture etc. and last year in Chicago in the Walden Bookshop — I found the MSS. of the story with my letter asking them to please send it back as it was the only one I had — which they had sold! —  Both MSS. and letter.  I'm afraid it was a racket after all — Anyway good luck to you and if you get all the first editions you'll have more than I have! ...