Ernest Hemingway

Pulitzer & Nobel Prize winning American author, committed suicide at age 61.

Two-page, recto & verso, ALS "Ernest Hemingway", 8.5x11, circa late 1930/early 1931

to Edward Titus, proprietor of Black Manikin Press,


His Car Crash


His Broken Arm

And his story


Death in the Afternoon


Penned while recovering from arm injury suffered in car crash

[Hemingway was at wheel & bottle of bourbon was found in the car]


"...Am now writing a history of B[ull] F[ighting]. Is much more complicated... the agreement was it was not to be published in U.S. without another arrangement between us - wouldn't it be better if it were copyrighted in my name & it were to remain my property?"

Additionally Hemingway writes regarding his broken arm: "...This hand writing is caused by compound fracture to right humerus...arm is getting along and will be as good as ever - But process has been damned slow."


Of historical note Hemingway's book on bull fighting, Death in the Afternoon, was published in 1932 by Scribner's & was indeed far more than a simple history of bull fighting, rather an essential source for understanding Hemingway's philosophy of combat & "grace under pressure."