Anne, Queen of England


Windsor Castle, October 29, 1709



Queen's orders to Joseph Dudley


a new seal for the province of

New Hampshire

and specifying on which documents it is to be used.


The Dudley seal of 1709 was the seventh seal to be used in New Hampshire since the establishment of its Royal government separate from Massachusetts in 1679/80. It is not known why Queen Anne chose to change New Hampshire's seal at this juncture as there was no change in Government. This new seal was of the same general design but slightly larger and was in use on all New Hampshire patents, land grants and acts until the advent of Governor Shute. In part:


     "To our Trusty and Well-beloved Joseph Dudley Esq., Our Captain General and Commander in Chief of Our Province of New Hampshire in New England in America ... With this you will receive a Seal prepared by Our Order for the use of Our Government of New Hampshire, which seal is Engraved with Our Arms, Garter, Supporters, Motto and Crown, with this Inscription round the same,




     And Our Will and Pleasure is, and Wee do hereby Authorize you and Our Lieutenant Governor or Commander in Chief ... to Affix the said seal to all Patents and Grants of Lands, and to all Public Acts and Instruments of Government, which shall be made and passed in Our Name within Our said Province ...."


See Hammond, History of the Seal and Flag of the State of New Hampshire, 1916 (a copy of which accompanies included).